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TOP 3 Work From Home Setup Ultimate Guides

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We've rounded up three of what we think are the best Work From Home Setup for you and share detailed tips on how to set up a Work From Home Setup with you.

What is “Work From Home Setup” ?

Work From Home Setup has become a big word since 2020, the impact of the COVID19 outbreak on the world has continued to expand. With the government’s quarantine and epidemic prevention policy, people’s work patterns have gradually shifted to working from home. Excluding the SOHO workers who originally regarded their home as a workplace the demand for work from home setup is also increasing.

Is “Work From Home Setup” expensive ?

It all depends on your determination to improve the quality of the environment and your financial ability. If doing so will add more productivity to your work and even help your health. Therefore the investment is definitely worth it.

TOP 3 Work From Home Setup Dramatically increase productivity

Work From Home Setup No.1 from Matthew Encina

This article will take readers on a tour of a home office setup from Matthew Encina, and hope you’ll get a little inspiration to make some small changes to your room so you can stay at home during the COVID-19 with a comfortable office environment.

What’s in this desk setup ?

Work From Home Setup - Matthew Encina
DeskHammarp Oak
Desk Drawer (Base)Alex
KeyboardLogitech Craft
ChairLino chair
MouseLogitech Master MX2S
MonitorDell Ultra wide 34″
MacbookMacBook Pro 15″

Work From Home Setup No.2 from SpawnPoiint

This clean and minimal Work From Home Setup is from SpawnPoiint , Working from home means you needed a productive workspace. Therefore, ergonomic desks and chairs are a must.

What’s in this desk setup ?

Work From Home Setup from SpawnPoiint
Standing Deskautonomous
Chairautonomous ErgoChair
Monitor Risergrovemade Desk Shelf
Desk Mat / Padgrovemade Wool Felt Desk Pad
MouseLogitech Master MX2S
MonitorLG 32UN880-B 32″
MacbookMacBook Pro 15″

Work From Home Setup No.3 from Edward Lee

This Work From Home Setup from Edward Lee was functional but maintained a minimal aesthetic. In this video, Edward Lee help his friend Paul Weaver setup a new clean and modern desk setup for his home office.

What’s in this desk setup ?

Work From Home Setup from Edward Lee
Standing Deskautonomous
Chairautonomous ErgoChair
Monitor Risergrovemade Desk Shelf
Desk Mat / PadOrbitkey Desk Mat
MouseLogitech MX Master 3
MonitorLG 27UN880-B 27”
MacbookM1 Macbook Pro
Book ShelfARTIFOX Metal Shelf

How do I start my ” Work From Home Setup ?

First of all, first observe the furniture material or color matching and wall paint color in your home. It is best to match it with the products you are expected to purchase and decide the style and direction. If you don’t have any ideas, you can refer to some desk setup cases we have collected.

Work From Home Setup

Second, choose a space in the home as the target of the renovation, such as a wall, an empty room, a corner.

Work From Home Setup - Use space well

Third, make sure that this space has sufficient sunlight and convective air, which will undoubtedly be of great help to your working environment and health.

Work From Home Setup - Put some plants

Finally, don’t forget to put in some greenery it’s good for your eyes and nice looking.

Work From Home Setup - Make your own style

Enjoy in DIY your own Work From Home Setup !

In the process of DIY, you can learn a lot of new knowledge that is usually unavailable. Although the process may often require a lot of physical strength, I believe it is worth trying. Only you can imagine the perfect look of the room. Planning it and getting it done is a very rewarding thing.

To sum up, we hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found some helpful tips for your home office desk setup. If you enjoy this type of content please like, subscribe and follow our instagram or adding F5desksetup.com in your bookmark to keep up to date.

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